About Us



Chelsea Foster

Chelsea Foster is a 2009 graduate of the Art Institute of York Pennsylvania (formerly Bradley Academy). She majored in graphic design and has been employed within the design and photography industry for 9 years. In 2014, her client base had become large enough to support the launch of her own small business.

She specializes in customized hand lettering projects which include wedding invitations, murals, signage and client requests. Since the beginning of 2017 she has taught over 40 hand lettering workshops up and down the East Coast.

Chelsea’s business has flourished in downtown York, PA and her design, website and photography clients span across the world, including Hong Kong, California, Texas and many places in between.

Website: www.chelseafoster.com  
Instagram: instagram.com/chelster306 



Benjamin Spangler

Benjamin Spangler is a native of York County. Growing up he had the desire and then the opportunity to serve in the United States Military. After serving and touring the world, from Japan, Qatar, Honduras, and others, Ben chose to return to his hometown to invest in the revitalization of downtown York. 

Ben has the drive to see small businesses succeed through calculated evaluation and support from York community, and hopes to aid small businesses in this capacity by spearheading the Grotto.

In the time since separating from the military, Ben has been raising his son during the day and attending York College in the evenings, working toward an MBA. 


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